Thinking Out Loud (and small)

Yo, Watch Out.

This day and age… Sheesh… It surprises me where we are today when compared to only what once I thought were normal to see, feel, talk about, write about, and even think about.

Perhaps in modern day culture, things have gone extreme… Not that they are wrong, but feel like what was once deemed simple, is now more complex than ever. And the ever growing volume of voices and its sheer quantity is what makes brands and its comms harder to be noticed, remembered, or heard. So what are these? Here’s a few:

  1. Sensitivity: Have you ever spotted an argument inside a subway in Manhattan? Have you witnessed a Karen first hand? Have you seen the delicacies of say, employees saying the organization isn’t embracing but that employee who voices the loudest creates chaos and segregation within it? Inner peace, inner peace….
  2. Freedom of Speech: Yeah.. ofcourse, I have my right to exercise my 1st amendment. But that doesn’t mean I can go anywhere and rupture the pre-established norms, or cause an outbreak that have no purpose or logic. Respecting one another or any heritage or people is something I thought was ethically more important, than say, just saying what I want because it’s my belief without logic.
  3. Equality: Oh yes, we all fight for it. Fairness and providing a democratic framework is ever more so important. But what is equality if the minority becomes the majority voice, then what was formerly the majority then becomes a minority? It should be the fight to create foundational changes and benefits to ensure the underdogs are given a fair chance, but I see a lot of fights instead focusing on disparaging and combating how the advantageous are playing evil. Don’t attack the problem, focus on the solution.
  4. Actionless: Naturally leads me into this. Sensitive to every detail, free to speak out loud, and fighting against the problem – the question is, where does it lead us? I often see that after all that hard effort and the loud bang, who is to pick up the debris and get an action plan going? Well, I always see meetings after meetings with so much ego-ful discussions that get us nowhere. We’re not Plato nor Socrates – if we want change, advancement, and innovation, it all has to come into action.

Just me rambling a few thoughts, and realizing the oxymoron of writing and doing nothing about it.

But let this be the start of something new in my series of scribbles. I want to try and journal my thoughts and ideas on how we can make things… a bit better. And as I journey through, perhaps I can also reflect on how I’ve steered dofferently than before. Yes, this is meant to be about brands and its marketing and advertising, but I get a feeling that it could be deeper and more than just cool concepts and strategies. Perhaps it’s our human mindset and behavior that’s the underlying culprit of what keeps us running short.

So for the longer run, welcome to Brandathon. Peace.


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