Different Perspectives
Thinking Out Loud (and small)

Different Point of Views on the Smallest Things

My wife and I send our daughter to Sunday Church. At 12:30PM, we’re supposed to pick her up. Most of the time, it’s me… Oh what a great 3 hour break we both get, tending to either our newborn or being able to get some peace time or even getting a simple errand as getting a hair cut.

One time we both had the luxury of taking a power nap. Wife woke up earlier, taking care of some things in the home, then realizing time was very close to our daughter’s pick up time, she woke me up.

Now two things happened. She said she’ll go. I said I’ll go. She said she’ll go because I’m not fully awake, it may not be safe. I said I’ll go because I can get there faster and on time.

It’s the same situation, but two ways of interpreting on what the better option is. For me, getting there on time was the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator). For her, it was being safe, and deprioritizing the timeliness even though we both knew that was the key goal at hand.

So imagine selling us a hyper-speed portal. Is it about the speed, or about safety? It’s often that we forget that there are many other factors that affect a consumer decision process, and neglect it for the pure purpose of getting the job done. To someone who loses things, they may want a pen that they don’t want to lose (or is less valuable). To someone who’s all about the aesthetics it could be that pristine look and name value of it. To someone who want to keep its attached product (a notebook) light, it could be getting a digital pen. We’re all talking of “what’s the one USP (unique selling proposition)” but getting that is sometimes a strategic task in itself because catering to all the different needs of everyone requires more than just generalizing a key benefit into just one.

Oh, I did end up going to pick up my daughter and was 1 minute late. Was it work the risk? I have no idea.